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Panel Discussion on Sync

Thursday, August 21st, 15:20 - 16:00

Moderator: Connie Farr (Thinksync Music)

On the Panel: Dan Garbor (Record Play), Jenny Ring (Forsman & Bodenfors), Oscar Höglund (Epidemic Sound), Jonas Nilsson (Bad Taste / Feeble Music)

The panel discussion will be open for interaction with the audience. The panelists will all give examples on what they are have been working with. They will discuss different types of music (e.g. production music vs. commercial music) and different types of projects (e.g. ads, films, games etc.)

Sync is a great, but often overlooked, way to make money off your music. The panelist will share their advice to artists who wish to have their songs licensed to films and ads.