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Panel discussion on new technology, and how to use it

Friday, August 22nd, 10:40 - 11:20

Moderator: Paul Sonkamble (Warner Music).

On the panel:
Daniel Johansson (Trendmaze / Linnaeus University)
Anna Hildibrandsdottir (Nomex)
Jerome Coic (Deezer)
Nora Lindkvist (Wimp)
Jonas Norberg (Pacemaker)

The streaming platforms has revolutionized how we consume music. Today the artists and labels can reach their fans directly without any intermediaries on Spotify, Deezer, Wimp and Playlist aggregators like Nordic Playlists. For forty minutes the panel will be discussing the best practices and strategies for artists and labels who want to grow their presence in these types of channels.

“How has artist and label marketing strategy changed as we move from a transaction to consumption based model…?”
“How can artists and labels optimise playlists as a format, to further grow their relationship with fans…?”
“As music is being consumed 24-7, and ‘shelf-space’ is endless… How do you suggest artists and labels compete for attention…?”
“Given these changes… Can you give the audience some of your top tips for building an engaged audience on streaming services…?”