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Indie Label Panel

Friday, August 22nd, 12:20 - 13:00

Moderator: Emilie Snellman (The Orchard)


  • Patrik Larsson (Playground)
  • Sam Valenti (Ghostly International)
  • Magnus Bjerkert (Adrian Recordings)

In a distribution world that’s been completely disrupted last 10-15 years – What is indie now a days? And what are the challenges today?

What do the best indie release strategies look like today? What is the criteria for signing an artist today? Talent? Audience? What are the structure of the deals you are doing? 50/50? 360?

Windowing releases? Ie. releasing in one territory and later in another territory? What’s your experience with windowing releases in territories vs. releasing same time world wide?

Digital release strategies for different platforms and territories – how to use them the best way (ex. exclusive Spotify in Sweden + exclusive Deezer in France + Beatport in US one week before the official release)?