Thur 21 Aug - Fri 22 Aug

9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Gäddan, Malmö University, Citadellsvägen 7


  • New Technologies and how to use them wisely
  • Global PR best practices
  • New media formats
  • Running your own DIY label
  • How to book / How to get booked
  • Sync and how to do it right

The future looks bright for the people who dare to be both local and global.
The future belongs to the creators who work together and don’t compromise with inclusion.
Malmö, August 21st – 22nd.

For two whole days The Music Conference will discuss the making, distribution and marketing of music. The price tag will suit musicians as well as major label representatives. We want the sharpest and the influential ones in music industry to meet the young and the hungry for lectures, seminars and workshops.

The vision is to create a forum for the culture creators on the one hand, and the influential marketers and managers on the other.

#tmc2014 #malmoftw

Pricing 2 days:

  • Early Bird = Sold Out
  • Not So Early Bird = Sold Out
  • Standard Price = 850 SEK (August 7th – Aug 21st)
  • Student / Unemployed = 250 SEK (Ask for promo code)
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Thursday, August 21st

Registration and coffee 09:15 -
Opening speech by (Olof Lavesson, Riksdagen) 10:00 -
The Swedish thing (Scott Cohen) Scott Cohen is the co-founder and artist manager of the Orchard. But he is a man of many interests and talents. It is less known that he is also the manager of a couple of bands, including the Danish band the Raveonettes, and the Swedish b... 10:20 -
The Swedish Thing Panel The panel's task is to tap into the "Swedish Music Export" phenomenon and to uncover what makes many Swedish artists so successful internationally. Is is pure talent? Good international PR work? Do "Swedes" already have such a good reput... 10:40 -
Leg stretcher (Small break) 11:20 -
Keynote by STIM (Åsa Carild) 11:40 -
Keynote Speech by Samuel Valenti IV Samuel Valenti IV is the founder of Ghostly International, the label releasing the likes of Tycho and Mathew Dear. But there is more to Ghostly empire. The service built and owned by Sam enables dedicated fans to subscribe to all th... 12:00 -
Lunch The Lunch is on us. There are vegetarian and vegan alternatives available. 12:30 -
Solander, on how to crowdfund a US tour Solander is a pop/folk/indie band from the south of Sweden. In winter and spring 2014 they get fed up with not getting a proper US booking deal and decided to crowdsource their US tour all by themselves. They raised over $2000 that took... 13:40 -
Panel Discussion on "How to book / How to get booked" Moderator: Alexandra Lindblad (Backroom Entertainment). On the panel: Solander, Anna Tenfält (Summit Management), Lena Vive Kristoffersson (Vega), Panelist TBC 14:00 -
Coffee Break 14:40 -
Sync, old and new models (Oscar Höglund) Oscar Höglund is the founder and CEO of Epidemic Sound. Oscar will be explaining how Sync works, the do's and don't's in Sync, and also explain how Epidemic Sound differs from traditional Sync and how they are trying to revolutionize this ... 15:00 -
Panel Discussion on Sync Moderator: Connie Farr (Thinksync Music) On the Panel: Dan Garbor (Record Play), Jenny Ring (Forsman & Bodenfors), Oscar Höglund (Epidemic Sound), Jonas Nilsson (Bad Taste / Feeble Music) The panel discussion will be open for int... 15:20 -
End of Day 1 16:20 -
Night Time Activities There is no official party on Thusday for the Music Conference. But the Malmöfestivalen is on, the whole city of Malmö is one big party, with lots of free concerts, shows and culture. We especially recommend you to check out: Musikhistor... 17:00 -

Friday, August 22nd

Coffee + Sandwich 09:30 -
Introduction to streaming technology Deezer, Nordic Playlist, Wimp Music and Pacemaker representatives each do a quick introduction on how they work with artist marketing and release strategies within their own domains. 10:00 -
Digital eco-system, a changed music industry (Daniel Johansson) New technology always means new challenges and new possibilities. The music industry has been undergoing a lot of technological changes these last couple of years. Daniel Johansson is Sweden's foremost expert when it comes to how these tech... 10:20 -
Panel discussion on new technology, and how to use it Moderator: Paul Sonkamble (Warner Music). On the panel: Daniel Johansson (Trendmaze / Linnaeus University) Anna Hildibrandsdottir (Nomex) Jerome Coic (Deezer) Nora Lindkvist (Wimp) Jonas Norberg (Pacemaker) The streaming platfor... 10:40 -
New tech - Q&A 11:20 -
Coffee break Time for coffee 11:30 -
The Indie Label Situation in Europe (Jonas Sjöström) Jonas Sjöström is the Swedish Co-Founder and CEO of Playground Music, the largest independent music group in Scandinavia and Finland. Previously he was Managing Director of MNW Records Group 1978-1999, CEO HNH (Naxos International) Ho... 12:00 -
Indie Label Panel Moderator: Emilie Snellman (The Orchard) With Patrik Larsson (Playground) Sam Valenti (Ghostly International) Magnus Bjerkert (Adrian Recordings) Subjects: In a distribution world that’s been completely disrupted last 10-... 12:20 -
Lunch The Lunch is on us. There are vegetarian and vegan alternatives available. 13:00 -
Online Artist Presence (Jessica Roe) In a world where you have 4-15 seconds of video or 140 characters to captivate and convert your audience into loyal followers, it's essential to start your digital journey with the right question, 'Who am I'? Jessica Roe hosts this informat... 14:00 -
Direct to fan communication (Jessie Scoullar) Direct-to-Fan: Which Platform? The concept of direct-to-fan has matured since topspin made the cover of Billboard in 2008, hailed as Indie Visionary of the Year. Topspin remains a formidable player, however there are now a number of platfo... 14:20 -
Music Marketing In The Attention Economy (By Lucy Blair) In the age of the attention economy and the superstar economy, how can artists and record labels stand out online and maximise the marketing potential of their digital platforms and campaigns? In a session that will benefit any artist,... 14:40 -
Closing Keynote TBA "Creddigt or folkligt", to be loved by the picky critics or by the big crowd? What's the difference really? For Linnea Henriksson it's all about the same thing - she wants to make people feel something, to forget everything else for a while... 15:00 -
End of day 2 16:00 -
After Conference Party We are wrapping up the Music Conference with a party. Of course! We are joining Media Evolution for their traditional "the World's Best After Work".  See this link for the event: You will m... 17:00 -
The After Party 2 - With Axel Boman, Haidl & Lindstrøm, Jeschka, Jaja Saine, Lautaro Cubilla Every good conference requires an after-party. This one got two. Wrapping up the whole Media Evolution week we are happy to invite you to the second official afterparty with Sweden's finest DJs - Axel Boman (Studio Barnhus), Haidl &... 23:00 -